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My complaint is with Georgetown Hospital. I had two major surgeries there. The first one was ok, but the second was a disaster. First, they over-medicated me, and the nurse told me they had to give me Narcan to get me to come out of the anesthetic. I was in recovery for many hours.

Next, they gave me an antibiotic that is in the family of one that I am highly allergic to. The worst part is I told them which one I can take without problem. I (of course) had a bad reaction to the antibiotic they gave me. Their reason was that only a very small percentage of people have reaction to second generation drugs. I can't figure out why they would even take the chance tho, since they had a sure thing that wouldn't cause me to be in severe distress. I am also not happy with the procedure they did, but that is for another day. I will never go back to Georgetown Hosp.

Debbie T.

Upper Marlboro, MD

Review about: Surgury.

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